Customized Solutions for your project

The Ex Division includes equipment and components capable of meeting the needs of users and designers. Through designs, our team of professionals identifies opportunities and develops the best solutions to meet customers’ expectations. See the applications below.

Portable outlet panel

They consist of boxes made of different raw materials (aluminum, stainless steel and polyester) that serve different areas, including corrosive environments.

Control panels

They are designed to meet all types of environments with the presence of explosive atmospheres from gases and dust, in the offshore and onshore oil industry (sea and continent), chemical, food, pharmaceutical and grain industries, among others.

Mobile outlet panel

The panels can be simple or formed by several coupled boxes, with hybrid protections (different explosion protections in the same panel).

All equipment and components used for assembling panels are certified and comply with SBAC (Brazilian Compliance Assessment System).

Lighting engineering projects

A study that shows the number and model of light fixtures according to the project’s specifications and characteristics of the area to be illuminated.

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