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Doing things well

More than just products, Tramontina takes pleasure in continuously making people’s daily lives better. We are thousands of employees with a single purpose. We have a 110-year history and a sustainable future ahead. Tradition and innovation without losing essence and excellence. All this translates into the product mix that carries the beliefs and values of a unique brand. They are kitchen utensils and equipment, appliances, furniture, tools for agriculture, gardening, civil construction, industrial and automotive maintenance, electrical materials and utility vehicles.

Tramontina knife cutting mushrooms on a cutting board.
Black woman cutting bread with a Tramontina knife, while a white man kisses her face.
Hands holding a seedling with soil.


Our manufacturing processes are designed to use natural resources responsibly. We thus reaffirm our commitment to being a brand that combines productivity and sustainability, respecting employees, customers, suppliers and the community. To gather all our actions in one place, we launched Tramontina Transforma, a digital space with all our social and sustainability projects.

Doing things beautifully today to transform tomorrow!

A man planting seedlings next to a child.
Solar energy panels with a blue sky in the background.
Aerial view of a forest.