Our purpose

Whenever we do something, we take pleasure in doing it well.

And this creates a bond between everyone inside the company, as well as with each of our customers.

After all, a Tramontina product at home is a product for life. Those who come to us, stay with us. Those who discover us, stay with us. Those who take us home, stay with us. We are an unstoppable force driven by people who feel the same way we do: a desire to grow.

And it’s not just one person that grows when this happens - an entire family is transformed. This is how, a little at a time, we are able to transform the world. And that is why every day we take pleasure in doing things well, because we have a purpose that motivates us: Growing to transform lives. Creating bonds to evolve together.

Our commitment to this purpose is deeply rooted in our history, and is now much bigger than our products or our factories. It is even bigger than ourselves. Because of this, we are embracing two causes to ensure the global success of our purpose: to be inclusive through education, and high-quality food for a high standard of living. Two noble causes that are essential to truly transforming lives.

This is the Tramontina that you know, trust and take part in, which is our greatest source of pride. Together we have already done a lot, and we still have a long way to go.

Our commitment to this purpose is rooted in our history and today it is much bigger than our products or our factories. Even bigger than us.

This is the Tramontina you know, trust and are part of, which makes us very proud. Together, we have done so much and will do even more.


Doing things well

Our causes

This is why our purpose is to Grow in order to transform lives. Creating bonds to evolve together, we have defined two causes: Inclusion through Education and Quality Nutrition for quality living. Two noble causes that are indispensable if we are to truly transform lives.

Inclusion through education

From its beginnings, Tramontina has believed that it could only perpetuate and progress with solid foundations. The core foundation of this is education, which allows individuals to rise socially and improve the world around them.

Quality nutrition for quality living

The goal is to promote quality living so that individuals can thrive and progress. To this end, it endeavors to encourage healthy food choices, teaching people to choose food with care, considering nutritional value and conscientious consumption. 

Check out some of our actions

Gerando Falcões

Partnership with Gerando Falcões to train residents in Favela 3D (Dignified, Digital and Developed) with vocational courses and sponsorship from two NGOs (Instituto Edson Royer – Novo Progresso/PA and Movimento Inspire – Olinda/PE) through financial resources and support for transforming the units through expertise and networking.

We are more than products, we are the daily lives of people

We are thousands of employees and one purpose. We are a history with more than 110 years and a sustainable future ahead. Tradition and innovation without losing the essence and excellence. This is the Tramontina you’ll find around here.



To do things well in order to inspire people and foster meaningful experiences, generating value and satisfaction for customers, consumers, employees, stakeholders and communities.



To be the leading Brazilian industry in consumer satisfaction by delivering the best day-to-day solutions. To remain a brand that is a reference for quality, innovation, whole some relationships, and human values.

Values that represent us

Knowing people’s worth

Growth based on commitment to employees.

Customer Satisfaction

High level of quality to continuously improve people’s lives.


Qualified professionals, the latest technology and low cost to be competitive.


Focus, discipline and results.


Ethics, clear purposes, whole some relationships and dialogue with partners.


Dedication and passion in everything it does.