To do things well to inspire people’s daily lives and stimulate meaningful experiences, generating value and satisfaction.

More than numbers, what defines Tramontina is the constant effort to increasingly make people’s lives better. The small blacksmith’s shop founded by Valentin and Elisa Tramontina in 1911, in the south of Brazil, was the origin of a group that today has 9 manufacturing facilities and upholds the century-old vocation of delighting with simple gestures.






Countries served



Virtual tour

Visit Tramontina's units directly from your home through the virtual tour and enjoy a unique experience.

Learn about the production processes of various kitchen utensils and equipment, electrical appliances, tools for agriculture, gardening, industrial and automotive maintenance, civil construction, electrical materials, wooden and plastic furniture, utility vehicles, as well as the latest porcelain tableware.

Foto en blanco y negro del Robot Nokia de Tramontina.

Our history

Tramontina is pleased to be part of people's daily lives. Learn more about the brand's more than one hundred years of history.

Press Room

Learn about the latest news and updates on the Tramontina brand and group companies.


Our manufacturing processes are designed to use natural resources responsibly. We thus reaffirm our commitment to being a brand that combines productivity and sustainability, respecting employees, customers, suppliers and the community. To gather all our actions in one place, we launched Tramontina Transforma, a digital space with all our social and sustainability projects.

Doing things beautifully today to transform tomorrow!

A man planting seedlings next to a child.
Solar energy panels with a blue sky in the background.
Aerial view of a forest.

Our factories

We are constantly evolving and expanding, whether by investing in innovation, technology or product diversification.

Get to know Tramontina’s factories throughout Brazil, where our many different products are produced.


Tramontina T store facade.

Official stores

The pleasure of doing things well is being present in people’s lives. This is the essence of the Tramontina T store, concept stores created to stir feelings of affection and revive memories, entirely conceived and planned to offer unique shopping experiences.

Tramontina Distribution Centers facade.

Units abroad

We have Distribution Centers (DCs), Regional Sales Offices (RSOs) and a Representation Office (RO), in addition to a network of distributors and representatives that supplement the logistics system for prompt service.