What is the Hospitality line?

At Tramontina, you will find many possibilities and compositions for projects for developments, restaurants and businesses. There are several products, such as sauce pans, flatwares, frying pans, gastronomic vats, equipment, furniture, professional kitchens and much more.

Professional kitchen with a stainless steel sauce pan on a stove.
Table set with wine glasses, plate and napkin with flatware on it.
Environment with tables and chairs.

Possibilities designed for you

The Hospitality line has products specially made to meet the needs of your business and surprise your customers.

Food Service

There are several options of knives, sauce pans, flatwares, porcelain, culinary vats, rechauds, cutting boards, bins, accessories and many utensils to shine every day in cut, preparing and presenting recipes.

Black sauce pans with lids on a table.


Tramontina’s Professional Kitchens offer full support to the chef, guaranteeing support in the various needs of the work, thanks to the variety of equipment for preparing, cooking, cleaning and preserving food.

Professional kitchen with cooks handling sauce pans.


Products for interior and exterior areas, with furniture and accessories that match your business, whether in condominiums, franchises, restaurants, hotels and other businesses.

Environment with tables and chairs.

High quality and performance items

To complement your professional use environment, we have developed a product portfolio that values the way you receive, serve and retain your customers.

Food being flamed in a stainless steel frying pan.
Wooden table with a plant on it.
Environment with a black table and red chairs.