2D, 3D and BIM Files for Projects

To assist professionals in their projects, Tramontina offers a library with 2D and 3D files of various products, with kitchen equipment and furniture.

The library offers a variety of formats – with AutoCAD (DWG), CAD (DXF), Revit (RFA) and SketchUp (SKP) options – designed according to the needs of professionals, providing greater agility when developing their projects.

To download the files, just select and click on one of our library extension options. Up to 5 files will be available for download simultaneously, or a package (.zip) of all extension references can be downloaded. 

Tramontina BIM Files

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the methodology used in the construction sector to share information through policies, processes, and technologies, enabling Building Information Modeling. Tramontina, a partner in this sector, collaborates in disseminating this methodology and provides libraries to be incorporated into projects, assisting professionals who use BIM files.