Attention: alert for social networks, emails and fake websites

Comunicamos aos nossos clientes e consumidores que a Tramontina não realiza promoções (sorteios, ofertas ou descontos) e doações fora dos seus canais e perfis oficiais.

We communicate to our customers and consumers that Tramontina does not carry out promotions (raffles, offers or discounts) and donations outside its official channels and profiles.

Promotions carried out by partner stores must be checked directly on the official channels of the brands.

What are the official channels?

Our official profiles on social networks are:

All links in our e-mails and messages point to our websites, and

Our e-mails with promotions have as sender [email protected] or [email protected]

Our service e-mails have as senders [email protected] or [email protected]

Call Center

Tips for checking if a website is safe and reliable:

> Read the website address very carefully, there are many fake pages that change some letters or add numbers to the URL to imitate official pages and confuse the consumer. Be careful when accessing received links, scammers often use techniques to obfuscate the real link. By hovering the mouse over the link, it is often possible to see the real address of the fake page or malicious code.

> Prioritize searches on trusted platforms (eg Google), by default these platforms deliver sites with high traffic at the top of the results. In addition, they have some tools to filter suspicious pages.

> There are some other indications that a site is trustworthy. Search and carefully evaluate the contact and service channels, terms of use, privacy, return and security policies.

Internet safety tips:

> Be aware and do not open file attachments in messages, unless you are absolutely sure of their origin.

> Always keep your antivirus software up to date.

> Whenever there is doubt about the origin of a message, link or telephone contact, look for the brand's official channels to make sure the content is true.

> See more information at: