Discover Tramontina PRO

Unit responsible for producing hand tools and organizers for high-performance work in the industrial, automotive, electrical, agricultural and aeronautic segments, among others.

These include hammers, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, torque wrenches, pulley pullers, IEC 60900 insulated tools, copper beryllium non-sparking tools, tools for height work and automotive tools, in addition to a complete solution in metallic organizers with worktops, panels, cupboards, shelves and carts with tools.

Everything designed to ensure strength and safety in your work. Tramontina PRO, the pleasure of designing, mounting, repairing and doing things beautifully!

Man pushing a Tramontina black mobile bench with orange details.
A person taking notes on a clipboard. In the bottom, a microscope. In the front, the tip of a pliers.
Steel pieces representing the stages of forming pliers. Next to it, a Tramontina PRO pliers.

Discover CIPeD

Tramontina’s Center for Innovation, Research and Development (CIPeD) is formed by modern laboratories that bring together state-of-the-art equipment for quality control and tool development, which meet strict national and international standards.

Facade of Tramontina’s Innovation, Research and Development Center (CIPeD).

Our manufacturing processes

Tramontina Garibaldi continually invests in technological upgrading, with modern production equipment, and in expanding manufacturing areas. Tramontina PRO tools are primarily manufactured with chrome vanadium steel and chrome molybdenum steel, generating high resistance and durability. To ensure the quality and safety of its products, the company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994.

Combination keys in the forging process.
Forging process.
Tools arranged on a support about to go into an oven.

Our authorized dealers

Tramontina PRO has an extensive network of specialized dealers nationwide. These dealers act as a liaison between the brand and the consumer, offering all necessary warranty and technical support.

Showcase with Tramontina PRO products.