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Smart System

Smart Tool Cabinet from Tramontina PRO

Aiming to reduce risks in the aviation assembly and maintenance segment, Tramontina PRO launches its latest concept in tool safety, management and organization: Smart System – Smart Organization Cabinet.


Technological innovation for the aviation industry

In addition to the investment in technology, design and materials used to create an aircraft, carefully managing the tools that will be used in assembly and maintenance is crucial.

Reduce the risk of accidents caused by Foreign Object Debris– F.O.D.

F.O.D. is a term coined by the aviation industry to represent any damage caused by a loose or forgotten object inside the aircraft. These foreign objects can lead to major problems and accidents, posing risks to the safety of workers, crew and the aircraft itself.

Productivity and safety for your company

Now, with the Smart Tool Cabinet, work will be safer and more agile, helping to prevent accidents due to F.O.D. (Foreign Object Debris).

A milestone in the history of Tramontina PRO

The Smart Tool Cabinet is a unique product that contributes to innovation and safety to the aviation, aerospace and military sectors, among other high-performance applications.