América Line

Essential products for kitchens that require agility, strength and durability with excellent cost-effectiveness.

Robustness / Power

Very powerful and strong products that stand up to heave-duty use, with finishing and quality superior to market standard.

Easy use

Equipment with devices that offer intuitive use, simplified so staff can be more agile.

Cost effectiveness

Tramontina quality in very cost-effective products. The right investment for your business.

Easy maintenance

As the equipment items are very sturdy and without sensitive devices, maintenance can be simpler and less frequent.

Europa Line

Equipment manufactured with extremely high quality and efficiency standards.


Products designed to meet the exact needs of each business.

Control and precision

Greater control and precision when operating the equipment, raising the quality of the dishes that will be delivered to customers.

Superior performance

Robust and powerful items to maximally optimize your staff’s time.

Perfect finish

Equipment items that combine technology and design.