Tramontina Belém Laboratory

The CIPED (Center for Innovation, Research and Development) at Tramontina Belém is a quality assessment laboratory for products produced at the factory. It performs mechanical tests of furniture and accessories, assisting both in the production process and in the development of projects, new products and packages.

Our activities

Tests in this laboratory are performed in accordance with the following reference standards: EN 581-1/2017, EN 581-3/2017 and EN 1730/2012. The tests performed are:

• Durability testing of furniture (Ex.: chairs, armchairs and tables);

• Static load testing;

• Impact tests;

• Table stability testing.

Mechanical testing laboratory

Here you can evaluate the efficiency of furniture produced by Tramontina Belém. This evaluation has a normative basis and aims to validate the development of furniture when designed. The main tests are: static, durability, impact and stability tests on furniture produced in the factory.