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The Innovation, Research and Development Center (CIPeD) comprises modern laboratories that bring together state-of-the-art equipment.

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Tramontina invests in technology, innovation, research and development


Operating laboratories



Learn more about the CIPeD and our manufacturing facilities

The CIPeD consists of modern laboratories that bring together state-of-the-art equipment to develop and test more than 22,000 items.

Tramontina Belém

Quality assessment laboratory for items produced in the factory. It aids the development of products and projects, as well as during their production.

Aerial view of Tramontina Belém unit.

Tramontina Cutelaria

It has many professionals with different levels and backgrounds.

Aerial view of Tramontina Cutelaria unit.

Tramontina Delta

Delta has exclusive laboratories to produce plastic furniture and for the porcelain tableware segment. This is where raw material and quality analyzes are performed.

Aerial view of Tramontina Delta unit.

Tramontina Eletrik

To meet the technical specifications of its products, Tramontina Eletrik invests in modern laboratories, aiming to ensure the excellence and repeatability of its products. 

Aerial view of Tramontina Eletrik unit.

Tramontina Farroupilha

Physical-chemical analyses of inputs used in the plant, tests on products according to standards/certifications, calibration of measuring equipment and other processes are performed here.

Aerial view of Tramontina Farroupilha unit.

Tramontina Garibaldi

It has modern laboratories that bring together state-of-the-art equipment, to enable the development of hand tools for high-performance work.

Aerial view of Tramontina Garibaldi unit.

Tramontina Multi

The Tramontina Multi CIPeD consists of several laboratories that have modern equipment to aid the development of tools for agriculture, gardening and construction.

Aerial view of Tramontina Multi unit.

Tramontina TEEC

At Tramontina TEEC laboratories, we can find several specific equipment for practical, safety and performance testing, which meet national and international standards.

Aerial view of Tramontina TEEC unit.