Tramontina Delta Laboratory

Delta has two laboratory structures responsible for serving the production of plastic furniture and the porcelain tableware segment. Each of them has two laboratories, one focused on raw material analysis and the other on quality analysis.


Through strength tests, the maximum permissible load for the diggers is defined: 154 kg for type A (Residential) and 182 kg for type B (Unrestricted Use). This classification occurs in accordance with Inmetro ordinance No. 166/2021 and ABNT 14776 standard for Chair Certification with the Product Certifying Body (OCP) and release of production batches.


The laboratory analyzes raw materials and monitors the preparation of input (ceramic slip, atomized powder and glaze) for porcelain products, in addition to providing support in the development of new raw materials together with the mining engineer. The tests in the quality laboratory have an investigative and scientific process nature and are not related to release from production processes.