Tramontina Eletrik Laboratory

To meet the technical specifications of its products, Tramontina Eletrik invests in modern laboratories, aiming to ensure the excellence and repeatability of its products. The company has a comprehensive structure for performing tests and quality controls.

Metallic Material Laboratory

Laboratory responsible for performing tests on metallic products, assisting in their development and continuous improvement. For this purpose, it has several equipments. Check out some highlights below.

Metrology and Instrumentation Laboratory

Laboratory dedicated to the dimensional control of products and also to the management of metrological equipment used in the factory. To meet the technical requirements of injected aluminum alloy products, the laboratory has a variety of equipment in its structure. Check out some highlights below.



Frame 141.jpg
Integrating sphere that measures the luminous flux and other lighting characteristics related to the luminous spectrum, visible or not, such as color temperature, CRI and all visible color ranges.
Frame 330 (1).jpg
Service life test for lighting products.

Protection and Control Product Laboratory

It conducts test on:
1 – Dielectric properties.
2 – Indelible markings.
3 – Reliability of screws, current-carrying parts and connections.
4 – Reliability of terminal blocks for external conductors.
5 – Protection against electrical shock.
6 – High temperature.
7 – Performance features.
8 – Heat resistance.
9 – Resistance to abnormal heat and flame.

Frame 331.jpg
Frame 332.jpg

Electrical Laboratory

Product life testing is performed to meet standards, such as energy efficiency, leakage current, pressure and flow rate.