Tramontina Cutelaria Laboratory

The CIPeD at Tramontina Cutelaria has 825 m² of built-up area and 18 professionals of different levels and backgrounds, spanning the areas of Chemical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, Material Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Physical Engineering and Metallurgical Technicians.

Our activities

The CIPeD works in several areas that involve everything from the development of new products and processes, new raw materials, to quality control and support for production processes. CIPeD’s activities also include supporting issues related to product standardization and certification.

Our structure

To perform all of the activities above, the CIPeD has a wide and diversified structure, divided into different areas and able to meet various sets of tests, according to the needs of each product or process. Among them, the following stand out: Rockwell, Vickers, and Brinell Durometers; Disc cutting machines with refrigeration; Metallographic sample embedding machines and polishing machines; Optical and digital microscopes, among others.

With this structure, CIPed is able to perform several tests on products and materials. We can highlight the tests and evaluations below.