Transforma Magazine – Edition 1

The Transforma Magazine is an innovative way to share the sustainability journey.
Discover how the Tramontina Group is increasingly committed to promoting sustainable practices and how this has impacted its business.

2023 Sustainability Report

Tramontina publishes its sustainability report every year, a publication that complies with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and includes the Group's main achievements and challenges in favor of sustainable development.

  • Publications

    Every year, Tramontina shares its ESG performance through its Sustainability Report and Transforma Magazine, strengthening its commitment to responsible operation and lending visibility to the issue inside and outside the Group. 


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  • Conduct Manual

    Throughout its history, Tramontina has built an inspiring corporate culture based on integrity. The company also operates in strict compliance with laws and regulations that steer its operations. The purpose of the Conduct Manual is to bring together all of these attributes and guide ethical behavior throughout the company and in its business relationships. 

  • Whistleblowing Channel

    The company prioritizes the best market practices to ensure a healthy, wholesome working environment, free from irregularities. Tramontina’s Whistleblowing Channel, available to employees and partners, reinforces the brand’s commitment to people’s well-being and contributes to business sustainability.




Doing Things Well means strengthening environmental practices, through a culture that strives for environmental responsibility across the entire operation, prioritizing circularity and eco-efficiency and promoting low-carbon operations.


Doing Things Beautifully means strengthening social practices through a plural culture that values employee well-being, education and safety, as well as leaving a legacy for communities with a focus on the company’s purpose.


Doing Things Right means acting on the basis of robust corporate governance, staying true to ethics, fostering a sustainable value chain and cultivating a culture of innovation focused on sustainability.

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