Reverse logistics program

We transform unused products and packaging into recycled raw material.

A reverse logistics program to give that forgotten utensil in your cupboard a new destination and benefit the recycling chain. This action promotes circularity, does right by nature and generates a positive socioenvironmental impact. The program currently has more than 20 collection points at official stores in Brazil.

When you dispose of items conscientiously at a Tramontina Ecopoint, the collected material is sent to partners who sort the materials and forward them on to the recycling chain. 

These materials will be repurposed in new products, promoting circularity and sustainable development.

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The step-by-step transformation

Conscientious disposal

Tramontina has 4 reverse logistics programs, contemplating its own products, participation in a nationwide program for portable electronics and appliances, and also for offsetting packaging and tires. The purpose is to encourage reuse, recycling and environmentally sound disposal of post-consumer products and packaging.

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Tramontina products and packaging

The result of a partnership between Tramontina and GM&C, a company specialized in waste management and reverse logistics, the program aims to facilitate environmentally sound disposal of materials, so that they return to the production chain. 

ABREE logo: Brazilian Association for Recycling of Portable Electronics and Household Appliances (Associação Brasileira de Reciclagem de Eletroeletrônicos e Eletrodomésticos).

Electronics and Home Appliances

Tramontina is part of the Brazilian Association for the Recycling of Electronics and Home Appliances (ABREE), which has more than 3,400 post-consumer collection points in more than 1,100 Brazilian municipalities. Know where to discard. 

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In partnership with eureciclo, all factories perform environmental compensation of 22% of the total weight of packages placed on the Brazilian market, intended for end consumers. When recycled, packages return to the market as raw material for other products, thus minimizing post-consumer impacts. This is a recycling chain incentive program that encourages waste picker cooperatives and recycling companies, resulting in positive socio-environmental impacts in communities.

UTEP logo: Ecological Tire Treatment Plant (Usina de Tratamento Ecológico de Pneus).


Through its technical support network, Tramontina Multi correctly receives and disposes of the tires used in its products, in addition to participating in the compensation program with UTEP do Brasil LTDA.

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