NSF Certification – Professional Knives, Flatware and Frying Pans

Made entirely of stainless steel or with finishes in different materials, the Tramontina Century and Profissional Master lines of knives and professional frying pans, references 20890 and 20891, meet a wide range of uses. From food preparation to table service, composing sets, flatware sets or single parts, they are made with wear-resistant materials and have protection that inhibits the development of microorganisms. Tramontina knives and frying pans are internationally certified, as they are produced in compliance with the regulations of the NSF – National Sanitation Foundation, an organiza ...

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Tramontina Garibaldi – Management System Policy

Tramontina Garibaldi, located in the city of Garibaldi/RS, aims to be a renowned manufacturer of hand tools, growing in the global market while maintaining quality and respecting nature.

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