Privacy Policy

What is the contact channel with Tramontina?

Data subjects may clarify any doubts regarding this “Policy”, as well as exercise any of their rights, through the communication channels listed below:


Controller Data

Company name: Tramontina Central de Administração Ltda.

CNPJ (TAX ID): 90.114.299/0001-06

Address: Av. Ivo Tramontina 1024, Triângulo, Carlos Barbosa, RS, CEP: 95.185-000


Requests/complaint channel

Contact Us

Call center: [email protected]

Phone: +55 11 4861-3981

Data Protection Officer information (DPO)

Name: Isaac R. Sartori Junior

Contact info: [email protected]

January 24, 2024

Last update: July 27, 2023

Version: Brazil

Applicability: Brazilian