Privacy Policy

Which data do we collect via cookies?

First and third-party cookies such as “Rockin Tags” and Google tools are used to collect browsing information such as: activities/visits to the website, most visited categories, clicks, among others. The data is collected automatically, and the examples are described in the table below:

Click here to learn more about “Rockin Tags” and access the privacy policy at:

Click here to learn more about “Criteo” and access the privacy policy at:

Also review the Google privacy policy, available at:

Facebook Pixel: We use Facebook Pixel tracking to build more robust campaign reports and to track social media users who visit our websites by embedding a small piece of code provided by these social media platforms. These cookies can also be used for tracking events and for marketing and remarketing purposes. All data collected by us will be used under TRAMONTINA’s cookies policy and the social media’s privacy policies. Tramontina will not store personally identifiable information from the users.

 You may set your preferences directly on the Facebook platform: ad settings and preferences update on Facebook.



Last update: January 24, 2024

Version: Brazil

Applicability: Brazilian