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Does Tramontina use “cookies”?

What are cookies?

They are small text files, like a data packet, recorded and sent from a web server (site) to browsing programs (browsers). Browsers store this information to set preferences according to user accesses.


What are the types of cookies used?

 Cookies can be:

a) First-party: these are cookies set directly by the website or application the data subject is accessing. First-party cookies usually can’t be used for tracking activities on websites other than the website in which they have been placed. These cookies may include information like login credentials, cart items, and preferred language.

b) Third-party cookies: cookies created by a domain different than the one the data subject is visiting. They are related to other domains’ functionalities that are embedded in a webpage, for example, showing ads.

c) Essential or strictly necessary cookies: cookies that are necessary for the website or app to run its basic functions and operate properly. Data collection is imperative for ensuring proper operation of the web page or proper delivery of the service. The activities considered as strictly necessary include those related to the service-specific functionality, that is, the user would not be able to carry out the website or application’s main tasks without them. This type of cookie collects only what is required to deliver the service to the data subject and doesn’t include discretionary purposes connected to other interests from the controller.

d) Analytics or performance cookies: these cookies enable the collection of data about user behavior on the website, including which pages they visit more often, error events, as well as data on the website or app performance.

e) Functionality cookies: used to deliver basic services requested by the user, with the option of remembering the user’s preferences for the website or application, such as username, location, or language. Functionality cookies may include first-party, third-party, persistent, or session cookies.

f) Advertising cookies: used to collect information from the data subject to display ads. More specifically, based on the collection of user navigation behavior data, advertising cookies can identify, build profiles, and deliver personalized advertisements.


Last update: May 15, 2024

Version: Brazil

Applicability: Brazilian