Privacy Policy

How long does Tramontina use and store your data?

Your personal data will remain stored in Tramontina’s database for legitimate and essential purposes, such as: 1) the existence of a specific law or regulation requiring a specific period for data retention; and 2) for security, fraud control, and preservation of rights. We shall keep the history of the data recorded from the data subjects, ensuring exclusive use by Tramontina and the companies hired by it to fulfill the purposes described in this “Policy”, in addition to preserving the safety of such information and other legitimate interests, as per Article 10 of the LGPD.


You can request the anonymization or revocation of your consent through the channels informed in this “Policy”. When the consent is requested or revoked, the data subject shall opt out, no longer receiving advertising and marketing information.

Last update: May 15, 2024

Version: Brazil

Applicability: Brazilian